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Holograms 101: Spatial mapping does only work with OrigamiCollection not with any other 3dmodels

Hi guys,

i added a 3D-model to the origami scene and wanted to check if any other model or object is compatible with spatial mapping? When i launch the scene and use the taptoplaceparent with the airtap, the added 3D-model goes under the mesh of the spatial mapping prefab. When i launch the same scene with the origami collection, the collection is not under the mesh of the spatial mapping but above the mesh and collides with the spatial mesh. This is the correct way, but i can not understand why this does not work for any 3d-model?
Please need help, the situation seems very hopeless.

Did somebody else has the same problem?

Thank you for ur attention


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    I had the same issue... it works fine with the stage and spheres in Origami Collection but when I tried with any other 3D model (especially a human body) the mesh covers the 3D model, I was able to remove it when I added a mesh collider to each part of the body, like for head; a mesh collider for the head, similarly a mesh collider for the body, when this applied to each part, the body didn't had any mesh over the human body, and I could even see the cursor hugging the body, So apply "Collider" for this issue, if your 3D model is a sphere, Apply "Sphere Collider". for square apply "Box Collider".
    Hope that answers your question.

  • Hi @MuhammadHamza,

    thanks a lot for your response!

    Ok i assumed that the mesh collider is the issue, but you confirmed my assumption.
    I am going to try and apply it right away. Hope this will work this time!

    Thank You!

  • edited April 2017

    :) Best of Luck

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