Can we use a PC without Unity to host the Sharing Service for a shared experience ?


I work in a company with strict policies concerning security.
I am allowed to have two computers : one with unity but completely out of any network (I can't even plug it to a local router), and another one without unity but on which I can plug it to a local router emitting Wifi (both my HoloLens are connected to it) but I am only allowed to launch executable files on this computer, so I can't install Unity (or anything else) on it.

Is it possible to create a scene on the first computer, build it on my two HoloLens, and launch the executable files "SharingService.exe" and "SessionManager.UI.exe" on the second computer connected to the router ? Maybe I can enter the IP adresses given from this PC in my scene but since I haven't been able to try anything yet I don't know if it would work.

Thank you for your support.

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  • Wonderful, thank you.

  • I am not able to run SharingService.exe without Unity, getting 'Service failed to run w/err 0x0000427' error after running. Anyone has any idea on this ?

  • you can start the SharingService in cmd, if you add "-local" as a parameter. For Example:
    [PATH to your Unity Project]\Assets\HoloToolkit-Sharing-240\Sharing\SharingService>SharingService.exe -local

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