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Broken mesh properties after delivered to a custom server

I built a Python server which mimics RemoteMeshTarget.cs. RemoteMeshTarget is supposed to run on a PC and runs on Unity which listens to your HoloLens and receive mesh properties(vertices and triangle indices). I also wrote Python mesh byte deserializer which mimics SimpleMeshSerializer. SimpleMeshSerializer converts the mesh properties into bytes.

According to my debugging, the communication works fine. I tested by printing out data being delivered on both HoloLens debugger and the server terminal and they print out the same.

However, the data doesn't look right. Here's a data collected from my room.

It looks like every mesh is pointing to the camera.

The mesh collected from HoloLens server looks like this.

I wonder why.

What I suspect: wrong coordinate system?

In RemoteMappingManager.cs, it transforms vertices into world coordinates. Do I need to transform it back to local on the server? I don't think I should.

for(int vertIndex=0; vertIndex < verts.Count; vertIndex++)
    verts[vertIndex] = filter.transform.TransformPoint(verts[vertIndex]);

Any help will be appreciated.

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