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Hololens runing natively full Windows 10 OS and its arquitecture?

Hololens is a great device, but it´s still very limited due it is not runing a complete operative system, for example for microsoft office we are limitted to use movil aplications which are limitted in every aspect. While if hololens could run full windows 10 OS office desktop suitte would be amazing because the complete suite (all tools are in).
Some can say you can use remote desktop. Yeah, but it´s still very limited, for example interacting with voice commands as you usually do with your desktops programs is impossible remotly. If you use the program dragon naturally speaking for interact with your desktop computer, is almost impossible doing that with hololens remotely connnected. And this are just some of the many examples of the far limitations that hololens has using for productive things as is use it as your computer.
I ask all people here. Who wouldn´t love run your computer as do right now but instead in augmented reality, using all the power (resources) of a PC (inside your hololens) and can do all your work instead phisical monitors, in multiple virtual monitor in augmented reality. I think now days it could be amazing. Imagine you wear hololens and you have multiple virtual monitors runing desktop apps like Maya, Solid Words, word, excel, power point, edge browser, every desktop aplication into one different hologram. Having multiple virtual monitors in holograms runing as if you were working in your pc would be awesome. The possibilities of working like this would be unlimited, which is not now, because hololens are just runing windows cheap mode (sorry for this).
I see hololens as an invencible tool, I´d just wish it could go more up. I´d wish some important people see this comment and take cards because if microsoft doesn´t do it, an other company like magic leap, meta 2 or others are going to make. But for me Microsoft has to do it. If this is possible is a million dollars idea.
And for me the big mistake is that hololoens not runs full windows 10 os. Why microsoft?
I ask you guys Is it possible that inside hololens runs natively full Windows 10 OS and arquitecture? and what do you guys think about this, wouldn´t be amazing hololens with full windows 10 OS inside? also add comments...
¨FULL WINDOWS 10 OS IN YOUR HOLOLENS¨ ¨Imagine what you can do...¨

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