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Hololens / Arduino / bluetooth


I want to transfer serial data from my arduino to hololens.
I am currenlty using a Seeeduino (Arduino UNO clone) and a BLE Shield.
The arduino will transfer data to trigger some holograms.

I have tried to create a Bluetooth UWP app to discover my bluetooth shield (HM-11 module), I have succeded pairing the device with the API and now I am stuck ... how can I read my data on the device ?

My device doesn't seems to support Rfcomm and I am not able to list any GATT services from this device. So I don't know how to move on...

The arduino part is running, I am able to communicate with an iphone/android (HM-10/11) serial app and exhange data with arduino over bluetooth. But I wasn't successful trying to create such program in UWP.

Maybe my bluetooth module is not compatible ? Maybe I am doing something wrong with my code ?

If someone can share hardware working scenario, I will be glad to read anything working.




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