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Create planes for smaller objects.

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Hi , Am working on placing a model on the planes generated from Hololens surface mesh.To generate planes I am following the code from HoloToolkit here : https://github.com/Microsoft/HoloToolkit-Unity/tree/master/Assets/HoloToolkit/SpatialMapping/Scripts/SpatialProcessing

Issue is its not generating planes while scanning smaller things like desk,table which are of less height. Dimensions of a cabin for which I want the planes to be generated is 62X39X55 cms in height ,width & length.

I tried changing the minArea required to create planes variable in SurfaceMeshesToPlanes.cs but it dint work.

What should I do to make the plane finding algorithm of Holotoolkit to create planes for smaller objects ?


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    Did you check what planes you are creating ? In the surface meshes to planes script, you can choose between ceiling, walls, floors, tables and unknown planes. You might be destroying them as well. (Check the same script)

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