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ViewMatrix in Windows::Media::Capture

My goal is to get the RGB camera pose in a fixed coordinate system (without Unity).

I explored 2 paths to getthe same information:

1) I can get the coordinate system linked to the "head" with SpatialPointerPose^->Head, and then position Position, ForwardDirection and UpDirection.
To get the camera coordinate system, I would need the rigid transformation from head to camera (located, I guess, a few centimeters front to the head). How could I get this transformation?

2) I can get the RGB frame coordinate system with MediaFrameReference^->CoordinateSystem.
To get the camera coordinate system, I would need the view matrix (extrinsics parameters). How can I get this matrix ? (I saw the post https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/locatable_camera_in_directx which explains how to get it using MediaFoundation but I thought MediaFoundation was the deprecated version of Windows::Media::Capture. I am using Media::Capture for all my app and I just can't find this viewMatrix in the doc...) .

Thanks in advance for any help I can get here.

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