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Mapping large rooms

edited May 2017 in Questions And Answers


I'm trying to use the information recorded in Hololens to build a 3D model of a large floor plan (this could be an office, airport ... etc).
When I try to dump the .obj file from the device using the online portal (as in the pic)

I always find that some parts that I have already visited are missing. More specifically, I noticed that the further the mappings from my current position the less likely that it will appear in the dumped .obj file, but when I go back to somewhere near the old mappings the old mappings appear again in the .obj file without even revisiting them again, which makes me suspect that HL saves a full copy of everything it knows about the physical world on disk and only load a small portion of it to memory at a specific moment. Of course, this is just an observation and might be totally wrong.
I'm mainly interested in the full mapping if it exists on disk or If my assumption is wrong, is it possible to extract a 3D model of a big floor using HL in some other way without stitching multiple .obj files?



  • I'm interested in this as well. I was mapping an entire office building, and I've come across the same problem as you did. You are correct. HL dynamically loads the dataset based on where you are at the moment. I don't know how HL knows which part of the dataset to load, but it doesn't look like it can load the whole entire mesh on the 3D View. The problem is that I don't know how to access that dataset? I've tried existing REST API calls using Postman in an attempt to retrieve the dataset. So far, I have no luck. My hypothesis is that the dataset is not stored in User Files, but instead, it's stored in the System Files somewhere. My question is: Is there a way for devs to access HL system files or retrieve this entire mesh, instead of a partial mesh?

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