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Access Hololens camera frames + streaming with Mixed Reality Capture live streaming

How to access Hololens camera frames and streaming with Mixed Reality Capture live streaming in the same time? It seems that you can do only one between the two options (if you stream, you can´t access to frames, and if you have access to frames, you see nothing in Mixed Reality Capture live streaming. My application should provide both services.


  • At this time that is not possible. Only a single process can have access to the camera at any given moment. This has been solved in Windows 10 by offering a stream from the camera that can be subscribed to, however this has not been rolled into the HoloLens version of the OS at this time, nor has there been any announcement that it will be.

  • Would be nice to have that access... Just sayin' :)

  • It's NECESSARY. not nice! I'm using Vuforia for image tracking and I can't show my application to some people because of that. If I run my application, the streaming won't work. Only the user that wear the hololens can see it.

  • While we can tag a bunch of people here from the Microsoft team (@neerajwadhwa, @Brandon, @Vanessa, @AileenMcGraw) , the best thing you can do is go into the feedback app on the HoloLens and put your request there.

    They are listening to feedback, especially that given through the feedback hub.

  • Hi all, almost years from the last post, however I'd like to know if there's a workaround of this? my application reads QR by using PhotoCapture, but whenever I do this, the Cortana recording stops working, and if I use the live preview from the device portal, then the photoCapture call does nothing.

    Any help? thanks!

  • Hello, I also have this issue. I absolutely need to provide a video recording of my app for a CS senior design course. We just spent a year working on this project and can't even demonstrate it now because our app requires the ability to take pictures. Has this been resolved yet, or are there any workarounds?

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