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Is it possible to create SpatialUnderstanding playspace from stored mesh without scanning?

Hi, if I have a saved mesh from either SpatialMapping or SpatialUnderstanding, then is it possible if I load the mesh and create SpatialUnderstanding playspace from that mesh without requiring user to scan?

I tried with the HoloToolkit-Examples/SavingSpatialMeshes example and could save and load the mesh, but can't figure out how to automate the creation of playspace from the mesh.
Thank you.


  • Hey, @kevin0228ca

    If what you mean is substituting HoloLens's spatial data with your own (making HoloLens "think" that is its own data) then it is not possible. First of all because internal data and data fed as a mesh to your application are different with the latter being heavily simplified, baked and smoothened. It's a one way feed from device's sensors to your app.

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  • edited June 2017

    Thank you for the clarification.
    If I understand you correctly,
    by internal data, you mean the raw mesh generated by Hololens's depth sensor using Holotoolkit SpatialMapping,
    and by data fed as mesh to my app, you mean the smoothed mesh created by SpatialUnderstanding? (same as Holograms 230 chapter3?)

    What I have is either the raw mesh (saved from Hololens room scanning) and smoothed mesh (saved from the holotoolkit /SavingSpatialMeshes example).
    And was wondering if I could do either of the following from the loaded mesh.
    1. From a loaded raw mesh, perform smoothing and creating playspace.
    2. From a loaded smoothed mesh, perform creating playspace.
    both without scanning everytime I re run the app, as the environment I am using Hololens stays the same.
    From Young Conkers and Fragments, it seems to be possible to save and load playspace.
    Is that function provided in Holotoolkit, or do we have to implement our own?
    Thank you.

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