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SurfaceMeshesToPlanes/SurfacePlane Prefab not functional?


So, I'm attempting to use the SurfacePlane prefab (and by proxy the SurfacePlane.cs script and SurfaceMeshesToPlanes.cs) for an app I'm developing. I've pulled these resources from the most recent HoloToolKit; I'm basically aiming to place a flat board-game upon a wall, and only recognizable, spatially understood walls.
In my scene are the basic stuff: the Hololens camera, SpatialMapping prefab, AnchorManagement, and the InputManager. I've also a cursor, and then I've inserted the SurfacePlane prefab to attempt to place this flat-esque board-game onto a wall. When I run the app on my emulator/Hololens, however, the prefab simply squeezes its Z-scaling and doesn't budge. Am I doing something wrong; am I going about this the wrong way? Looking into the relevant '.cs' and 'dll' files hasn't really yielded any fruitful results...
I'd develop a "placeable.cs" script for the cube in my scene, but I'm afraid the SurfacePlane prefab isn't functional enough to use/reference. Currently, the cube just has the "TapToPlace" script on it.

That flat white thing on the left was originally the SurfacePlane prefab, but it doesn't seem to be adapting to the emulator's preset environ...

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