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holographic tracking state lost

Hi,this is the first post :)

Assertion failed on expression:'IsMatrixValid(matrix)'
holographic tracking state lost. New State:1

Connected successfully but when I played the scene, all crashed.
The console showed above.

Unity: 5.6.0f3
I used the Wireless LAN Card to connect the computer and Hololens.

BTW, there is a Javascript on the scene. Show as below.
#pragma strict
function Start (){
function Update(){

I'm not sure the problem is about Microsoft or Unity.
Thanks for any suggestion.



  • I think your code is off but I don't tend to write javascript so perhaps I am wrong.

    In C# it would be something along the lines of:

    Or if you really wanted to expand that Vector then maybe:
    transform.Rotate(new Vector3(0,1*Time.deltaTime,0),space.self);

    You could replace the 1 with a 25 but that seems like a large amount of rotation. Try this first before ramping it up.


  • Nevermind, looks like your code is fine. Maybe just try a 1 instead of 25 first.


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