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How to place an object in relation to another

Hello everyone,

I'm still new to Unity and C#, and could use some help with code. I'm currently trying to implement code in my TapToPlace script that displays a menu alongside an object when it is placed, but I do not know what line of code I should be using to accomplish this. I have created a public Canvas variable in my script which takes in the Canvas from my scene. My canvas contains two panels which act as menus, and I am trying to anchor the second menu next to an object after it has been placed (i.e. in the else statement of the OnInputClicked method). How can I anchor the menu on the right of a scene object that has just been placed?

Thanks in advance,


  • ReeleyReeley ✭✭✭

    You could make your canvas a child object of your object you want to place, then it would move with your placable object. i think you can set the parent with transform.parent = yourobject;

    after you have done that you have to position the canvas a little bit to the right of your object

  • BenProtusBenProtus
    edited June 2017

    I should clarify the way my program is set up. I have a collection of different objects with an assigned "currentObject" based on the object that was last manipulated. I'm not sure how I would apply this to make the menu appear next to the current object as it's not possible to have more than one Canvas object in a scene.

  • ReeleyReeley ✭✭✭

    Ok so you know what your current object is, then make your menu a child of your currentobject and place it as you want. if you want the canvas to stop following the object you can unparent your canvas with

    transform.parent = null;

    and then when you manipulate the next object repeat the procedure

    PS: there should be no problem with having more than one canvas in your scene

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