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I can‘t start system, the only thing i can see is “hello” and power button is useless too, I just can wait for a long time when it stop loading to turn off it , I also try recovery mode and use recovery tool but it just stop on "waiting for device to boot"i have no idea with this...... please help me


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    Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    Just checking. Did you go through recovery mode on the Hololens:

    1.Hold the power button for 15 seconds, until all the lights are off.

    2.Press and hold the volume up button

    3.While holding the volume up button, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, until the middle LED on the device arm lights up.

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    My hololens just stays “Hello” for a long time, then it displays green screen.Finally it shuts down automatically.
    I also try recovery mode and use recovery tool.The recovery tool can detect the Hololens,but it stops on the final step.The hololens can't update to the latest Windows Holographic OS.

    p.s. my Hololens is development edition.


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    My hololens also has the same problem. Have you fixed this please let me know.Thanks

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    Does anyone have any updates on this? I haven't had any luck with the WDRT and all we can see is the Hello screen but no visuals, though we do keep hearing music, so we do know the HoloLens is on.

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    It may be overheated. If you are using outside, the Hololens will shut off in less than 5 minutes. When you try to restart, it will give you the "Welcome" splash and simply go blank. Bring the unit inside a cool place and wait 5-10 minutes and try again.

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    Is there any update on this topic, I'm having mentioned problem and can't solve it. Cheers

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    @Jerry said:
    My hololens also has the same problem. Have you fixed this please let me know.Thanks

    Has this problem been resolved? Please let me know how.

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    I just experienced the similar problem. The HoloLens shows the Hello screen repetitively when turned up and never move forward. It doesn't connect to the PC with USB in normal mode, and on recovery model (power up with volume up), the Windows Device Recovery Tool stuck on the "Reading device information" screen forever.

    Then, eventually, I tried to use the manual mode (Click on the “My device was not detected" button and follow the steps, and connect the device (On recovery mode) to the computer, and it eventually be able to connect and reset the device.

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    I have the same issue on HL1 --when I turn it on, the only thing I can see is “hello” and then loading bubbles. Then the screen is blank (no holograms), but there is sound. The sound button works, but the device is not responsive to gestures.

    I spoke with customer support -- after sending the diagnostics .zip file, here is the response that I got:

    "Based on the information provided, there is a hardware failure with the HoloLens 1 and it requires a replacement. After reviewing the unit warranty status, I was able to verify that this unit is not under warranty.

    I’d like to share with you that Microsoft does not sell replacement HoloLens device including replacement HoloLens devices separate from purchasing a new device.

    Since this device is not covered under warranty, any replacement or repair offerings are unavailable.

    I really understand this is not the response you were expecting and I am very sorry we were unable to provide a positive resolution to this behavior."

    So, the moral - buy a warranty if you're buying an experimental product. :) I guess, I can take my HL apart to see what it is made of since Microsoft cannot fix it.

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