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Vuforia Markers Stability

I've just started working with Vuforia on Hololens and I was wondering if my experience was normal. I made my own marker (based on hiro) and everything seems to work, although the hologram isn't exactly stable, and when I get a certain distance away, it has a lot of trouble detecting. I'm just curious if this is par for the course, or if there's some things I can do to improve performance. My marker was pretty small, so I'm wondering if increasing the size could help with tracking. I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.

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  • Do Vumarks actually have enhanced tracking compared to regular target images? It was my understanding that they just offered more customization.

  • @stepan_stulov said:
    Hey, @TetraTalon

    I think they best approach would be to use both Vuforia VuMarks and WorldAnchors. You can use VuMarks for initial localisation and give the control over onto a WorldAnchor for further continuous stabilisation. If then the WorldAnchor has problems localising (which is rare in stationary environments) you can always re-localise using the VuMark again. The best of both worlds.

    Stepan, are you using Vuforia with which Unity version?

    I'm starting an app with Vumarks and I'm not sure if there has been any improvents regarding the native SDK nor Vuforia

  • Stepan, are you using Vuforia with which Unity version?

    I have done a fair bit of stability testing with VuMarks but I do not use it in production at the moment, no. It's far from ideal, you need fairly good lighting and what's important either having the VuMark really big or being close enough to it. It's not very stable compared to the world anchors, even with the extended tracking. That's why I recommended the approach where you'd only rely on VuMarks for initial localization.

    Hope this helps.

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