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HolotoolKit MR branch not compatible with unity 2017 beta ?

I just tried to build the MR branch of the holotoolkit using unity 2017 beta 2(https://github.com/Microsoft/HoloToolkit-Unity/tree/RS2_WindowsMixedReality) and got build errors.
I guess the code base is not compatible with unity 2017 beta ? Can someone confirm ? I suppose it will be supported in the near future?

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  • FranklinChenFranklinChen admin
    edited July 2017

    I guess the code base is not compatible with unity 2017 beta ?

    Some Unity APIs have been changed and have Unity project script upgrading issues.

    I opened this scene: Assets\HoloToolkit-Examples\ColorPicker\ColorPickerExample

    1. Open File->Build Settings->Choose "Universal Windows Platform"->Click "Switch Platform"->Close Window->Click Play button. We will see one compile error.
      The solution is to comment this namespace(UnityEngine.VR.WSA) in Assets\HoloToolkit-Examples\SpatialUnderstanding\SpatialUnderstanding-FeatureOverview\Scripts\SpaceVisualizer.cs

    2. Click Play Button, we will see one API issue in the Assets\HoloToolkit\Utilities\Shaders\FastConfigurable\Editor\CustomMaterialEditor.cs file, if we search on the web, we will see some discussions
      The quick fix is to add the first argument for BeginAnimatedCheck method:
      matEditor.BeginAnimatedCheck(Rect.zero, scaleOffsetProp);

    Now this scene will work well:)

  • edited July 2017

    To further clarify, the UnityEngine.VR.WSA namespace needs to be updated to UnityEngine.XR.WSA

    There is a branch of the HTK that is more inline with the new API's that come in Unity 2017, however it still has these broken namespaces in it.

  • ahalimahalim ✭✭
    Thanks Jesse, I will give it a try.
  • ahalimahalim ✭✭
    Franklin, thanks! Hopefully there aren't too many breaking changes. I wonder if those Hololens academy projects will need to be updated so can be used with unity 2017 (released today!)
  • ahalimahalim ✭✭

    Yeah, the 2017.1 released version has not been updated to use the MixedReality sdk (which works for both immersive and HoloLens). It's still pretty much like 5.6 as far as mr sdk is concerned.

  • @ahalim - They have released 2017.2.0b2, which does use the MixedReality SDK

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