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FindPlanes not finding planes

I have very particular problem. I'm using SpatialMapping to scan a room mesh which is then saved to a file using SimpleMeshSerializer. The said mesh is then loaded every time I run the app.

Now, nothing wrong with this, the mesh is saved and loaded without any problems. But when I try to run FindPlanes on it, it returns 0. I've tried debugging the meshes that gets sent to the DLL and cannot see anything strange in them. If I run the FindPlanes right after scanning the mesh, it works without problems.
I tried messing with the DLL by adding MinimumPlaneSize instead of using the constant but that doesn't affect anything.

Could there be something in the save/load that corrupts my data or does the FindPlanes require somehow pre-processed mesh? The example from HoloToolkit uses fbx-files.
Any ideas?

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