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Location Tracking

When I get a significant distance away, I always have difficulty keeping my holograms from drifting. It doesn't seem to matter whether I use anchors or not. Could I perhaps solve this situation by reading in GPS data near the Hololens, and using that to update my position?


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    I noticed the same in a research I did for indoors location tracking. When you move more than 40 meters away and then return, the holograms (anchors) drift off to about a meter or so. All no biggie for a nice hologram, but when you use the Hololens for serious location-aware applications it is pretty useless indeed. I concluded that can only wait for the new Hololens.

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    @arjan_wiegel and @TetraTalon
    Has either of you noticed hologram drift even when walking around an object in a room?

    I have placed a hologram overlaying a box and walked 360 degrees around it, I have noticed while walking around it that it tends to shift about 0-1.5 centimeters depending on where in the room I am looking at it from. I was curious if it is just me or this is standard (the hologram does have an anchor applied to it as well.

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