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Has anyone had any success with TCP or UDP networking?

I need to send information in strings to my device and can't get TCP or UDP working. I am getting errors that previously people are getting when I try to build the app in Unity. I have not found a successful way of doing either of these. Has anyone had any luck?



  • stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017

    Hey, @ctowers

    If you're using Unity you can try combining NetworkDiscovery for discovering servers, NetworkServer for server side and NetworkClient for the client. This is proven to work, I have successfully built a network application running multiple clients on PC, in the Editor and HoloLens all communicating with a Windows tablet running a server.

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  • ctowersctowers
    edited July 2017


    Does this use a TCP connection or UDP packets. I am receiving message from a sender and the sender can only send on TCP or UDP.

    Can you share some code?

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