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Has anyone who attended the Unity Vision Summit 2017 received the Acer headset ?

Just wondering :) Still waiting for mine.
The official words from MS is it will be delivered sometime in August but wonder if anyone has gotten it (via the summit attendance).


  • I was at Vision Summit. I was also chosen to get early access to the Acer Dev Kits, which arrived today. I have gone through the registration process for the set from Vision Summit. That one should come with the motion controllers. Of course, I am expecting to only get the motion controllers from that set.

    I have not received any kind of date information on the Vision Summit dev kit.

  • ahalimahalim ✭✭
    Cool! So did you actually get the headset ? Or just the controller ? I don't remember having to fill out any forms though and still waiting for mine. Hopefully next week it will show up.
  • So I do have an Acer headset w/o controllers. It showed up yesterday. This one has nothing to do with Vision Summit. It is from having signed up as an early access developer. From what I gathered originally I was hearing July for the vision summit gifts, but I have been hearing August most recently. Those are supposed to come with the controllers.

    If you were at Vision Summit and you did not receive an email from the Unity team, with a survey, and a claim code, near the end of June - first I would check my spam folder quick, the codes and surveys expire on the 28th. If for whatever reason you did not get the email sent at all, you may need to contact [email protected]

  • ahalimahalim ✭✭

    Ok thanks. I did attend the summit, and did get email from unity/ms about the headset but don't remember about claim code. I will follow up again with them. Thanks for the advice.

  • ahalimahalim ✭✭

    According to [email protected], I did enter the claim code, and I am all set to receive the headset. They've been quite helpful in answering questions btw.

  • Has there been any updates on this? I filled out everything many weeks ago and got a confirmation but no shipment information yet.

  • No updates I'm aware of. I went to the Unity Vision conference as well, and got the email with the claim code and filled everything out, etc... (I did also preorder an HP kit which arrived right away when they were first released, so it does seem like an intentional delay.)

    Maybe they decided to wait for the motion controllers? I suspect it would make for a better experience for a non-developer trying it out.

  • Yeah, no headset from them so far. I had to order one myself.
    They certainly have the acer in stocks, so not really sure why it's holding them up. I hope you are right about the inclusion of the controllers.

  • I've heard rumor that the Summit kits would have controllers, but that's not been confirmed. That would explain the delay in shipping them though.

  • Relevant quotes from official emails:

    "We want to remind you that during the keynote, Brandon Bray of Microsoft announced that all attendees would receive an Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Developer Edition."

    "Because, along with the Acer headset giveaway, and due to Microsoft's generosity, all Vision Summit attendees will now also receive the controllers as well!"

    "Microsoft will be reaching back out to you at the time they ship your unit. Please note that they will use this same shipping information for your Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers."

    And yes, I did complete the survey / input my code. The "same shipping information" part suggests the controllers might be shipped separately and/or at a different time.

  • Maybe they will ship the new improved version of Acer headset by then!
  • Update email went out today. Important parts: "Please note that controllers will arrive in a separate shipment. We hope to have delivered both your headset and controllers by end of September."

    If Vision Summit attendees will be getting controllers by the end of September, I wonder if there will be a way for other developers to get them by then too.

  • Yes I got the same email today. My hands are already badly itching for ..... those controllers!

  • Good news - my Acer headset just arrived a few minutes ago. As expected, no controllers yet, but I'm still glad to finally have the headset. I'm expecting it to be the same as the HP, but it's nice to be able to compare the two side by side.

  • Did you get the controllers yet?
  • @ahalim said:
    Did you get the controllers yet?

    Not yet. 2 more business days in September though, so it could still happen. Or well, I guess they could even arrive on Saturday too. (My headset arrived on a Saturday, with no advance notification.)

  • Has anyone from the 2017 Vision Summit received their controllers yet?

    My Acer Headset arrived last week, but no sign of controllers yet.

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  • @HoloSheep - The early access developers just got their motion controllers on Friday, so I think the Vision Summit ones will ship after all those get out.

  • No controllers here yet. "We hope to have delivered both your headset and controllers by end of September." Hopefully they'll send an update. I've actually placed an order for some consumer ones, so that in case it's another month and a half delay, I'll at least have some I can use at the consumer release.

  • A friend's Acer controllers from the Summit arrived yesterday.

  • I have the opposite problem - I still haven't received the headset but just received the controllers.

  • How odd. I inquired as to the state of mine, and got a reply yesterday morning confirming that they hadn't been shipped yet. No eta, but they were looking into it and hoped to get back to me with more info soon.

    It sounds like they're still in short supply. Launch day developers clearly should be the priority, and I'm not one, so I'm not too concerned about the delay.

    Glad to hear they're starting to make it out to people. :)

  • I have both controllers and headset but need documentation to set up the controllers does anybody know a link to the documentation for this?

  • @John7 said:
    I have the opposite problem - I still haven't received the headset but just received the controllers.

    Man, I want to have your problem. :)

    I have had my headsets months ago (1 self-ordered and 1 received from unity recently), but no freakin' controllers yet.

  • @SkipSnow said:
    I have both controllers and headset but need documentation to set up the controllers does anybody know a link to the documentation for this?

    Easy. Follow this.
    Basically similar to Bluetooth devices but must do it once for both left and right unit.


  • Thanks Ahalim:
    The documentation says: "Press and hold the pairing button (tab in the battery compartment) until the LEDs begin pulsing. Reattach battery cover." But there is no pairing button in the battery compartment

  • At this point, Dell controllers may be the faster option - while I don't expect them until the 17th, my order has this:

    Estimated Delivery Date: 10/13/2017 - 10/18/2017

    I could see them as soon as tomorrow. :) (Unlikely as they aren't in the "Shipping" state yet.)

  • And, well... Look at that. I just opened my front door and controllers were sitting there, waiting for me.

    Thank you Microsoft.

  • @SkipSnow - It's the tab I have circled

  • Thanks @Jesse_McCulloch
    I was stuck setting it up until you showed this picture!
    Mine just arrived.

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