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Port Galaxy Explorer to Immersive headset

Has anyone ported Galaxy Explorer to work in the Immersive headset such as Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset?


  • Yes!
    This is currently going on in the MixedReality branch of my GE fork here:

  • timg, thank you for the response. I checked out the MixedReality branch of GE and it seems that the files are updated a day before. Two questions: (1) Is the current code base already ported and worked on Windows Mixed Reality? (2) Is there a SOP or documentation that can guide step-by-step on the setup of GE in MixedReality? Thanks.

  • @timg this isn't ready yet is it? I'm getting various script errors.

  • Nope, not ready yet. currently requires an non-public build of Unity.

  • Jimbohalo10Jimbohalo10 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017

    @AWMR What @timg means is there is a Mixed Reality Branch for 2017.2.f3 -or MRTP and MTRP4 mobile in GitHub you click on Master dropdown and select Mixed Reality
    see GalaxyExplorer-MixedReality
    Download as a zip and unpack giving the GalaxyExplorer-MixedReality directory. Start Unity Unity 2017.2.f3 and click Open select the GalaxyExplorer-MixedReality directory with Assets directory wait for this to be converted.

    Click on Scenes in the project window then click "main scene" click play

    Its currently running in MR Portal Desktop App so Unity 2017.2.f3 is running in the portal , just not on the HP WMR HMD.
    Hopefully the reason will be found for this.

    @timg This branch GalaxyExplorer-MixedReality
    will need updating to The MixedRealityToolkit

    The release HoloToolkit-Unity-v1.Dev.2017.2.1.unitypackage will allow the use of WMR Immersive headsets with Unity 2017.2.f3

    @mtaulty Excellent blog and video Butterflies ‘Hello World’ Demo (across holographic and immersive headsets) show how to work with the immersive headset

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