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Bluetooth xbox controller for mixed reality portal

The mr docs in different articles mentioned both the xbox one and xbox one s controller as being supported.

Which one is actually supported for bluetooth connectivity ?
Has someone used it and doesn't mind sharing the experience ? Thanks

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  • Jimbohalo10Jimbohalo10 ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017

    The Xbox One S supports the Bluetooth profile in HoloLens and see Immersive Headset support -Bluetooth

    In a future version of Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Headset firmware they intend to support the Bluetooth controllers directly, but that's a long way in future

    Some notes on Xbox One S pairing

    There are so few MR IR HMD around that few people have knowledge just browse the Search "Xbox One S" and wade through the answers :)

  • @Jimbohalo10, thanks for the info!
    Reading the doc, it appears that the button/stick mappings on the controller are different whether it used with the real headset or with the simulator.

    Hmm, I wonder why this is done this way. This is not ideal as we have to remember and get used to 2 different mappings when switching back/forth between device and simulator.

  • edited July 2017

    The reason for the difference is because in the simulator you are using it for body movement and for head movement, where in the actual device, the head movement is controlled by you moving the HMD. I have the Xbox One S controller and am using it with the Simulator. It also works with the HMD too, it's what we used during the Mixed Reality Academy at Build.

  • Thanks for the feedback @Jesse_McCulloch

    That makes sense. However the buttons/sticks for simulating the controller (like changing the controller's position and orientation) should be the same between simulator and headset's usage, are they ?

  • Nice.

    So it looks like the xbox controller is used to simulate 2 things:
    1. headset and body's position and orientation (only in simulator)
    2. motion controller's position, orientation, click etc (both simulator and real headset)

    The mappings for case 2 are consistent for both simulator and real headset.

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