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Update to Preview Build 16251 ?

So build 16251 is out today. But as far as I can tell it does not seem to mention any changes or fixes for MR Portal or MR in general.

Is this a worthy upgrade for devs working on mixed reality ? Advice please, thanks!

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  • mr0ngmr0ng ✭✭

    @HoloLite I am avoiding updating to 16251, as @Jesse_McCulloch updated and found that MRP was broken. I'm not sure if that was an isolated incident. You can always roll back to the previous build if needed. I'm currently on 16241

  • ahalimahalim ✭✭
    @mr0ng gosh! Thanks so much for sharing!
    I was so close to doing it today and so glad I decided to defer it. Thanks again you saved my works for the day!
  • I'm rolling back just now, MRP broke on SurfaceBook and desktop PC, suppose I should have read this first, lol

  • How does it break? Do you guys get BSOD? Or headset not recognized?

  • When you launch the mixed reality portal, the app immediately crashes and closes
  • This update fixes the issue with Unity 2017.2 beta, you can now use the headset directly from the editor and that's pretty cool!
    However I noticed that the video capture was removed..

    French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer

  • ahalimahalim ✭✭
    @demonixis , I guess in your case the MR Portal is running just fine ?
  • Yes it runs fine. However the ambient occlusion looks bad now, but it's maybe related to my driver update (AMD RX 480)

    French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer

  • @demonixis is yours working ? This build seemed to really struggle with multiple graphics cards, had to take one out just to get it on my desktop, tried to remove the MRP and now installing back on the desktop, just rolled back on the SB

  • @demonixis , @Jesse_McCulloch I think this is definitely related to the graphics card, the SB's use the NVIDIA optimus stuff, even if you set to use the NVIDIA GPU it's going through the Intel to get there with HMD, my desktop doesn't, and has a Quadro M4000 & Geforce 1080, was blank and thought update didn't work, eventually remoted in, then thought ooh it's alive, plugged a monitor into the motherboard hdmi, and a screen came up, that's was disabled a Intel 520 in the bios, removed all drivers and now waiting for the MRP to reinstall after removing it.

  • I talked to Microsoft about it, they have already checked in the fix, so next build should work better
  • Have you any info about the removed video capture feature?

    French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer

  • @comblox yes it works well with my RX 480 on my desktop. I don't have laptop.

    French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer

  • ahalimahalim ✭✭

    Not my choice but my machine was automatically updated to 16251 by windows and sure enough the MR Portal crashed. Reverting back and now it worked. Now setting the pause for update. I wish there is an explicitly way to stop update completely unless directed by user otherwise.

  • There actually is an option that can delay updates. If you go to the advanced settings in the update part you can temporarily delay updates for 35 days! I just did whilst reading these posts, because 16251 was just being downloaded on my computer, and luckily the update stopped :smiley:

  • 16251 works well for me in desktop PC / GTX 970 (GeForce Game Ready drivers v. 384.94 if relevant)

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