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No display inside my HP Mixed Reality headset

My 980ti HDMI port has no problems with either my Vive or Rift (which have both been unplugged while trying to get my HP HMD to work). I've tried multiple USB 3.0 ports and 2 different Insider Builds (16232 & 16251). I've re-installed the software and run setup many different times.

The Mixed Reality Portal displays on my desktop and the tracking seems to work properly. The PC checklist shows all green checkmarks; the system recognizes the device and responds appropriately when I connect/disconnect the cable. But I've never seen anything actually displayed in the headset when I put it on.

It seems I have a defective cable or headset, but there is no option to exchange this unit for another one via my Microsoft Store account. What should I do?

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  • I'll try another round of my USB 3.0 ports just in case I forgot one. It looks like we just answered each other's question at the same time. :)

  • OK, please let me know how it goes, and I'm very interested in your experience about image quality (I believe you're already agreed about plastic smell and cable thickness wink: )

  • I've had similar issues with the Acer headset. No video signal in the headset, but the device is tracking in the portal just fine. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling MR support, running on build 16257.

    • Turn on Simulation in Mixed Reality Portal, then turn off Simulation.
    • Restart the DWM process (Task manager > Details tab > dwm.exe).

    Other than trying the above, I don't know what else to suggest. I'm having to exchange my HP unit for another one.

  • Yeah unfortunately none of those fix solutions on MR troubleshooting page work to resolve this. Going to try the headset on a different PC and see if I can get it working. If not, I guess it's the headset.

  • @1k0nX said:

    • Turn on Simulation in Mixed Reality Portal, then turn off Simulation.
    • Restart the DWM process (Task manager > Details tab > dwm.exe).

    Other than trying the above, I don't know what else to suggest. I'm having to exchange my HP unit for another one.

    Lucky you that got an exchange, I'm going to get a repair :smile: and after upgrading to latest fast ring insider preview I'm stuck on "check your display cable" :smile: , this is taking more than expected!

  • 1k0nX1k0nX
    edited August 2017

    @Jesus said:
    this is taking more than expected!

    Maybe we're getting all of our issues out of the way up front and from now on we'll have smooth sailing. :#

  • I fixed the problem and my HP Mixed Reality Headset now works.

    I got linked to a site listing all the cables known to be good enough for VR. The problem turned out to be my cable. I fixed it by purchasing this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S0BWR2K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    I have found further problems today. The Mixed Reality Portal help tab doesnt tell people how to play games in SteamVR. It simply tells you to download SteamVR not that you also need the Steam 360 Video Player installed.

    Also when you want to play VR games in Steam you need Steam closed down. You start the Mixed Reality Portal, start Steam, and nothing else except loading your game. Leave that SteamVR well alone, while it needs to be installed its not something you run yourself.

  • So I got the Samsung odyssey today. I went through the setup and everything went well. However, when I try to use the headset, the display on the headset goes blank after like a min or so, while everything still shows on my desktop screen. I also still here sound from the headset. I'm currently running i5 gtx970. I've made sure everything is up to date and all. Is anyone having a similar problem or knows how to resolve this? Thank you.

  • I have same issue with my HP OMEN with HP mixed reality headset. Detects headset movement and tracking but zero image. I can see what the headset should be showing in previews etc. I suspect microsoft have messed up again with diabolical windows 10, and I know there is nothing more I can do until HP and microsoft and nvidia update all the software. Noted in steam that this is still in development stage. Unacceptable to release hardware that does not work on windows 10 with the required hardware. Thought they saved VR, just put a nail in its coffin imo. HP am surprised they did not check this out better considering its all their hardware choices. Maybe we wil see another horrendous time consuming update from windows soon that destroys all our hardware.
  • After trying to sort mixed reality on my hardware I was struck by how much of my life was wasted updating and setting up. Got so bad when I put my playstation on I felt conned when I turned on the TV and and started playing my favourite games. Mixed reality and VR are dead in the PC market as it requires specific hardware and software to make it work with the required support. This is why Playstation can do it well. I am interested to see how rubbish the new xbox VR works.
  • If anyone else has this problem, I have the solution. I had this problem with my Acer WMR headset and tried all the suggestions and sometimes it would work and sometimes it would go back to not working. I started having problems with my HP WMR headset too. I run 2 displays on my computer. I found if I turned off one display it would work most of the time. Sometimes I'd just change the resolution on the main display and it would work. Every time I started the NVIDIA 3D wizard, the headset would work. This tells me these WMRs don't play well with others. So...just try changing the resolution of your main display (you can change it right back). I currently have a neat little app call "Monitor Profile Switcher" by Martin Kramar. It lets me save a "VR" profile with only one display at 1080p, and a "Regular Desktop" with both displays at 1440p. It changes instantly. Very nice to have and I have had no problems since then.

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