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Xbox controller input

I am currently porting an existing game to MR using the Acer headset and Unity 2017.2.0.b5. And while most things work as expected, I am having problems getting input from the old faithful Xbox controller.
Normally I handle game input via Unity’s Input class, but once I start the Mixed Reality Portal, my Xbox Controller stops responding in Unity.
I have also tried the XR.WSA.Input.InteractionManager as described in the docs, but it does not register my Xbox controller as a InteractionSources, therefore I am guessing this one only works with the MR controllers.
So now my question is how do I grab Xbox controller information in my MR app in unity?
Kind regards

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  • I was using MR Portal in simulation mode with Xbox controller. I registered event handlers with the InteractionManager and I was able to get the event.
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    This one was just answered in another thread I apparently overlooked earlier: https://forums.hololens.com/discussion/8083/how-to-use-inputs-from-unity#latest
    It seems Unity is losing focus once you hit play mode. And so, there is no controller input once this happens.
    The current workaround is simple enough, but can be a bit of a hassle due to the win+alt+I key thingie. But if you can refocus on Unity, it starts to register input once again.

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