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Changing the IPD (InterPupillary distance) before an App starts


I am developing an app that is likely to be used by multiple people on the same HoloLens, so I would like to streamline the process of calibrating the HoloLens before the App starts.

At the moment this is done by requesting the user run the calibration app from the Shell after they put the HoloLens on, however this can be a painful experience as most users have not used a HoloLens before.

Ideally, what I'd like to be able to do is give the user the HoloLens when the calibration app was open, and then after calibration was complete, my app would launch.

I am aware of the Headsetadjustment scene that is part of HoloToolKit-Unity, but this only ensures the user can see the HoloLens's field of view.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Thanks in Advance!

Best Answer


  • mGravitusmGravitus
    edited August 2017

    You could dig through


    and merge it with your project. I do not see any reason it cannot be set up to run in the same project so your users go directly from setting their IPD to your application.

  • Hi @mHarris
    Have a look at KinectIPD

    This has lots of code which could be used to possibly read and set IPD.
    Just replace the Kinect 2 for PC webcam to calls with HoloLens camera.

    I have used this originally and though people say it should have special lighting I just opened the curtains and "let the light in" :D

  • Thanks @mGravitus and @Jimbohalo10 , both of these seem like they would be useful to me.

    With FitBoxIPD, am I right in thinking it is only capable of setting the IPD, and not measuring it?

    And @Jimbohalo10 , would that solution allow the user to measure and set their own IPD? or would it require the assistance of another user?

    Hopefully official support gets added for this at some point...

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