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Adding and visualization of the room model in Unity. Can't see the mesh in Unity Editor.

edited August 2017 in Questions And Answers

Hello everyone.

While I was studying the Holograms "230" I wondered how to realize the functionality which adds an ability to work with the actually scanned room model by HoloLens in Unity.

Everything works just fine but only in usual projects. What kinds of projects do I mean?
In usual projects I haven't a real ability just to "move" around my scene but in my latest one, I have. I can move the camera to the left or to the right by tapping to WSAD . And in projects with that ability I can't see the room, to be exactly the mesh on it like I could usually see in my previous projects.

But the main thing is that all scripts are the same. The problem is in that "real camera" mode. How to solve this?

I wish, someone helped me!
Thank you in advance.


  • Hi AndrewMilko,

    have you tried changing the scale of the room mesh and are you using the HoloToolkit camera for your scene?

  • @ChrisMorschel said:
    Hi AndrewMilko,

    have you tried changing the scale of the room mesh and are you using the HoloToolkit camera for your scene?

    If the scale of the room is the amount of triangles per cubic meter, so in this case I have a value which equals 500. What difference does it make? But in terms of camera I'm not really sure that I'm using the right one but actually that one gives me an ability to use WSAD functionality. Maybe that is the root cause of my problem. That is the camera which comes together with MRDesign_Labs resource, it is called HoloLens. What do you mean about HoloToolkit camera because I'm little bit on the spot right now?

  • The camera I was refering to can be found in the HoloToolkit: https://github.com/Microsoft/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity
    It seems to have the same functionality as the camera you are currently using.
    By scale I mean rthe actual size of the mesh in Unity. When loading some example rooms into Unity I found that the mesh scale had to be adapted to be realistic (they usually were too small) Perhaps if you fiddled with the Transform scale of the room mesh you can get some results.

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