Bluetooth headset not working on MR Portal

I can't seem to get my Bluetooth headset to work inside the portal. Sometimes I could hear the background sounds of the cliff house but for the most part it did not emit any sounds. I have 2 Bluetooth headsets and both have the same issue. The only realible sound that works on the Portal is the one the comes from the built in sound system.
If anyone has better luck please let me know.

I am using the latest preview build.


  • There are many Windows 10 users that have complaint that they have often faced this error where their windows are unable to find Bluetooth device. Here we have some methods to solve this problem but in case you want to go for detailed solutions then you can visit this site

    1- Installing Bluetooth Device Driver again:
    You can do it by going to the option of Control Panel > Programs and Features. Then right-click your Bluetooth device and press to Uninstall. Now click the Windows logo key and X all together and tap Device Manager. Enlarge the option of Bluetooth, right-click your Bluetooth device and press to Uninstall before rebooting.

    2- Checking Bluetooth Services:
    Tap the Windows key and R altogether, write services.msc and click Enter. Now right-click the option of Bluetooth Support service and tap Restart. As last step double-click the option of Bluetooth Support service so you could enter in Properties window. Here change the Startup type to Automatic and click Apply and OK so you could save it and close the window.

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