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World anchor is gone after Hololens back from sleeping mode

Hi every one in this forum,

I am able to load and save world anchors using WorldAnchorManagers in HoloToolkit. However, whenever the device goes into sleeping mode, and then wakes from that, the world anchor I save before just gone: the position of hologram object attached the anchor is reset at the new launched app. Did anyone here get the same issue and figure it out?

Thank you so much.



  • @xmcsy : Could you figure it out? I came across the same issue and I'm still looking for a solution...

  • Here are several possible reason:
    1. Maybe the Anchor has not save successful. If the anchor is not located, it can't be saved. You can use attribute "isLocated" of WorldAnchor to see whether the anchor is located or not.
    2. Maybe the Anchor can not load successful. You can check if anchorStore.Load return is null.
    3. Maybe you reset the anchor after anchor loaded. It's up to your code logic, so I can't say more about it...

    In my opinion, the save of WorldAnchor is not related to device sleep. If the anchor saved successful, it can be loaded everytime, whether device sleep or you shut and turn on the app again. So i suggest you to check if the anchor is successfully saved, loaded, and not be covered by other code.

    And, you can also try other Toolkit, like METoolkit by DataMesh. It provide a easier way to use WorldAnchor, include the whole process of create, save, load, adjust, share, and so on. It's open source, and you can find it here:

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