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Help with UDP problem

edited August 2017 in Questions And Answers

I'm just trying to get some sort of code to work that can read in information from a UDP source to Hololens, and I can't seem to be getting through. I'm using this code and Packet Sender to test, but I don't see any results. Is my changing the boolean value in the event and letting the Update loop change my textmesh not allowed? I'm drawing a bit of a blank here.

Note, this represents all the code as it is.

`using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.IO;


using Windows.Networking.Sockets;


public class UDPListen : MonoBehaviour
public TextMesh test;
public string port;
//public string word;
public bool rec;


DatagramSocket socket;
// use this for initialization
async void Start()

    Debug.Log("Waiting for a connection...");

    socket = new DatagramSocket();
    socket.MessageReceived += Socket_MessageReceived;

        await socket.BindEndpointAsync(null , port);
    catch (Exception e)

    Debug.Log("exit start");



// Update is called once per frame
void Update()
    if (rec)
        test.text = "worked";


private async void Socket_MessageReceived(Windows.Networking.Sockets.DatagramSocket sender,
    Windows.Networking.Sockets.DatagramSocketMessageReceivedEventArgs args)
    //Read the message that was received from the UDP echo client.
    Stream streamIn = args.GetDataStream().AsStreamForRead();
    StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(streamIn);
    string message = await reader.ReadLineAsync();
    rec = true;
    //word = message;
    Debug.Log("MESSAGE: " + message);



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