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Using xbox gamepad to simulate motion controller

I am using the acer headset and xbox gamepad.
As I don't have the real motion controller yet, currently I tried to use the simulated one (using xbox gamepad) so I can test the controller API calls.

On MRP, I turned on the 'left controller' in simulation menu.
I can see the virtual controller inside the headset, and I could do 6DOF movements on the virtual controller. What's perplexing is:

  • The movement of the controller is not intuitive, it's just hard to make to point to something
    I pressed the left bumper and use either left stick, right stick or d-pad to change the 6DOF. This is the same key combination when using MRP in simulation (no headset). Are there better way to navigate the controller ?

  • I can't seem to transport myself anymore once controller mode is on. I guess they are mutually exclusive ? (Simulation MRP supports both).

If anyone has better experience on this, please let me know.

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