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White board application

Hi Team,
I am developing a white board application for HoloLens and Surface tablet using UWP. Anything scribbled by the hololens user on their screen should be reflected to the tablet using and vice versa.
Currently i am using Canvas object with Pointer released, clicked, etc., methods to draw on the screen.

How to sync up this activity and share the same screen with two users using UWP. Any suggestions and insight would be helpful


  • Hey, @BijuMelayil

    Depending on the nature of the drawings you may follow on of the two ways: exchange user actions that result in the same rendered result (kind of vector graphics) or exchange the resulting image (kind of raster graphics). The former will consume less bandwidth and will be more reactive but with the latter you won't have to recreate the resulting image from abstract actions/strokes. You can also do a hybrid approach and use something in between.

    If you're using Unity I recommend simply using Unity's own networking uNET which will deploy on HoloLens and on a Windows 10 Tablet.

    Hope this helps.

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  • I like this idea - maybe it's worth inquiring whether Microsoft is working on adding some HoloLens functionality to the upcoming Whiteboard app? https://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-whiteboard

  • Thanks Stepen for the reply.
    Actually we are using UWP Application for this purpose. Right now i have used Pointer based interaction to draw free hand interaction on top of a Canvas.

    I have two questions now:
    1. When we use this pointer released, clicked events in UWP application, it is not getting activated in Hololens as pointer is more of mouse event which is not working on the application. How to enable these movements in HoloLens

    1. How can we transfer user actions between two users? There is a canvas now which gets all these actions and getting converted in to strokes in a screen. What would be best approach to implement.

    Thanks in advance.

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