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Error running the holograms 100 sample

When i try to run on my acer headset i get this error ( I use vs2017 + unity patched )
The program '[15280] holocube.exe' has exited with code -1073741819 (0xc0000005) 'Access violation'.

Module information:
Built with Compiler Ver '190023918'
Built from '2017.1/patch-release' branch
Version is '2017.1.0p2 (31954117ff6c)'
Release build
Application type 'D3D11'
Used 'UWP'


  • Unity 2017.1 does not have the Mixed Reality SDK in it. You need to be on at least 2017.2.

    Also, what build of Windows are you on?

  • TonyLeoneTonyLeone
    edited August 2017

    Hi @Jesse_McCulloch , after your tips i reinstalled all the environment with : Windows 10 pro fast ring insider preview 16257, then visual studio 2017 community edition 15.2(26430.16) + windows insider preview sd 16257 + unity beta 2017.2.0b6 + unity metro support...I can run from unity directly on the PC, I can build for visual studio and generate the solution, then I opened the solution in visual studio and run the project with x86-device-debug..i can see the cube on the screen...After that i tried to run with acer headset connected and mixed reality portal open but I cannnot see anything in the display. The only app strange that i see in the start menu is uinoentrypoint.design...i i try to launch this app i see only a blank window in the headset with the progress ring active...If I return in Visual studio the app generate one exception regarding access violation. see image below.

  • What graphics card are you using @TonyLeone?

  • nvidia geforce gt 750M...another info...if i run the same app from visual studio but in release x86 run without debug...in the headset i can see the teleport in the new app and after that only a black screen with a white dot in a fixed position.

  • Can you submit this via the feedback hub so Microsoft can get the telemetry. I've heard of this happening to others. This may be the same issue that @LocalJoost is running into, I can't remember for sure.

    Here is a little high level info about reporting feeback via the hub - https://forums.hololens.com/discussion/8144/providing-feedback-effectively

  • another little step...if i run directly from unity with mixed reality portal active and headset connected i can see the cube of the hologram 100 sample ... only with visual studio i see a blank dot point in the application. I will report in the feedback hub, thanks for the help.

  • XR: Windows Mixed Reality usage on b7 results in hangs and black screens at start-up. This has been fixed in b8 for VR HMDs, but is still an issue for HoloLens.

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