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Video capture records holograms with wrong scale and pose.

edited August 2017 in Questions And Answers

Hi everybody!
I have a problem recording a scene with Video Capture. When I record my scene, everything seems to work correctly: video capture starts properly, I move around the environment, my holograms are rendered correctly on the lens, and video capture stops its computation. Everything seems okay. However, when I get my video from the Device Portal and I watch it, it is clear that the holograms were recorded in a different scale and pose. You can see the problem yourself in this video:


I can assure you that the holograms were exactly of the same size and in the same position of the real objects I am handling.
Someone knows what the problem could be? Thanks!


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    The field of view of the camera that records mixed reality is actually larger than the FOV of what the user can see. With a larger FOV on the camera, objects will appear smaller in the final recording (try adjusting the FOV on your camera in Unity to see what I'm talking about). I think this is what is happening here, but don't quote me on it - I'm not an expert on cameras.

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    Unfortunately, changing the FOV seems not to improve the results.
    However, I tried to update every frame the Focus Point in Unity, setting it at the centre of my virtual scene. With this I managed to correct the position of the virtual objects, but the scale remains a problem, as you can notice in this latest video:


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    Have you solved it? I have the same problem.

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