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Quick question... I am trying to finish a quick project on the hololens and I have one problem with the taptoplace functionality. I have created a holographic terrain with buildings on top of it, and would like to give someone the ability to move the buildings around. However as soon as you click on the building it automatically moves it to the far end of the spatial mesh created for the room. I can place it there or on the floor or chairs but not on the terrain that I have created.
I dont know what I have incorrectly configured on my game object within unity.
Any ideas?

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  • holonutholonut
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  • Hi @holonut
    Can you please tell me how you solved this problem as I am working on a college project and have a similar issue.
    I need to place a cube on a certain setup but whenever I tap on it it goes far away.
    Thank you.

  • Sorry I didnt answer this before... The issue that I had was that I didnt put a mesh collider on the terrain that I was trying to put my building on. I soon as I did that, If the building and the terrain both had mesh colliders on them they could get through each other.

  • If you have any other questions @NourNabhan please let me know?

  • Thank you very much @holonut I will try it and tell you.
    I have another question, sorry if it is not relevant. I have a cylinder and need it to be affected by my hand. In other words if I touched the cylinder's top surface it will squeeze as if I am pressing on a marshmallow piece.
    Thank you

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