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Can I easily interface Hololens to our 3D application using the SDK?

We have a 3D application using DirectX9, we are working on a DX11 driver, and would like to know how complex driving the HoloLens will be from our C++ application.


  • https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/directx_development_overview


    How much work this will be can vary. If you are using the fixed function pipeline in dx9, you will find that DX11 no longer has that support. That means you'll need to write some shaders. If you aren't using the fixed function pipeline, you will still want to update your shaders to support instancing as the documentation links above suggest, although you don't have to.

    In some ways rendering to the HoloLens is a little /less/ work than traditional 3D apps. This is because all of the camera information is provided by the Mixed Reality APIs. Camera movement is provided by the human. :)

    A final note is that you must build UWP for HoloLens. If you have a bunch of classic Win32 code you can usually wrap it, but that is a time consideration.

    I suspect that implementing HoloLens rendering will not be the big challenge you face. It will be the fun reward when your have completed your port to DX11/UWP.

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