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Chapter 2: Gaze

I apologize for being a novice but how did you get pass chapter 2? How do I edit the GazeManager.cs and Cursormanager.cs file, and edit it to perform the following tasks:
1.Perform a physics raycast,
2.Store the position and normal of the raycast intersection,
3.If the raycast did not hit anything, set the position and normal to defaults.

gokk.PNG 145.2K

Best Answers


  • @DavidKlineMS Thank you for the detailed response. Where should I place the scripts? here you can see I have the manager object and cursor object listed in the hierarchy. Is this how it should look?

  • @evanjames,

    You are overwriting the contents of the scripts. Earlier in the tutorial they got attached to the appropriate objects.

    Were you intending to post an image?


  • evanjamesevanjames
    edited May 2016

    I did attached two images but apparently they did not upload completely .

    c.PNG 826.5K
    g.PNG 820.3K
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