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Windows 10 integration planned yet?

I'm unsure of any details as of this time. And with V3 in the works, I'm very curious to know what Windows 10 integrations that will happen with the holographic branch of Windows. Does anyone have any information on this? The following is my wish list:

1. An environment like a virtual desktop that persists and allows interaction between applications, only in 3D and using 3D objects in place of 2D icons. Widgets?
2. Remote processing. Sure, hololens won't run all that stuff that windows does. Fine, run it on my workstation and communicate the output data over my 802.11ac network. Let all my pcs work together.
3. Better input? Will WH (win holographic) detect any pointing device and let you make a flying mouse for easier navigation? I have yet to attach a mouse via Bluetooth, but it would be nice if the remote processing had a bridge so that my available devices on one pc just show up on the other.

I probably have a lot more on my wish list but my day job is calling. :-)


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    Responses -
    1. Currently there is no external support for 3D live tiles or widgets. This is a very highly requested item, and Microsoft has told me that they hear our feedback on this loud and clear. This one is especially irritating to many developers new to the platform because they see these 3D live tiles with some of the initial demo apps (robo-raid, conker, fragments, holotour) and they assume that the same capability is available to them. I do believe this will come in the next update, but I don't have any official information on that actually being true.
    2. There is currently already support for this. It's called Holographic remoting. There is not a lot of guidance out there for it, but it is possible to essentially offload much of the computing and then stream it over WiFi to the HoloLens for display.
    3. You can currently attach a Bluetooth mouse with the HoloLens and it works decent. It works better in the 2D flat apps than it does in 3D space, but it registers click events and such.

    Personally I am far more interested in the idea of motion controllers working with the HoloLens (Not announced, and actually specifically told not going to happen at this time). I think this would be a super powerful combination. It seems most people when they put on the HoloLens want to reach out and interact with the holograms, and they can't effectively do this with gestures because that is not a natural way to interact with real objects. Motion controllers would go a lot further to being able to interact with objects in a more natural way.

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