Sample project using Unity-Holotoolkit-Vuforia

Is there any reference project for using Unity-Holotoolkit-Vuforia. (There are sample only for the following combinations Unity-Holotoolkit or Unity-Vuforia).
Can the ideal version of the 3 combination be mentioned (with visual studio version).
My need is creating a AR app using (Unity-Holotoolkit-Vuforia)(Not just AR but with gaze and gesture inputs)
Any reference (sample code) will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance.


  • I would start with the Unity-Vuforia sample and then add the components you need from the toolkit such as the InputManager, SpatialMapping, HoloMapsCamera, etc.


  • I want to create an app using Unity3d mixed reality tool kit + Vuforia. Any one have some reference or any sample code then please help me.

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