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TryGetInteractionSourcePose Is failing (not unity, C++)

edited August 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

Please no unity answers.

The following code is failing for my app until I let the controller go to sleep and then resume while running. Not sure if this is a bug in the SDK or... ??

      if(auto pose = state->TryGetPointerPose(currentCoordinateSystem))
          if(auto controllerPose = pose->TryGetInteractionSourcePose(source)) //FAILS
            controllerRay = { convFloat3(controllerPose->Position), convFloat3(controllerPose->ForwardDirection) };

            auto uwpQuat = controllerPose->Orientation;
            quat q(uwpQuat.x, uwpQuat.y, uwpQuat.z, uwpQuat.w);

            mat4 orientation4;

            currentInputState.inputDevices[evState.deviceIndex].position = controllerRay.o;
            currentInputState.inputDevices[evState.deviceIndex].forwardVector = controllerRay.d;
            currentInputState.inputDevices[evState.deviceIndex].upVector = convFloat3(controllerPose->UpDirection);

            static mat4 poses[8];
            currentInputState.inputDevices[evState.deviceIndex].pose = &poses[evState.deviceIndex];
            poses[evState.deviceIndex] = orientation4;

            currentInputState.inputDevices[evState.deviceIndex].side = (evState.deviceIndex == 0) ? InputState::InputDevice::DS_RIGHT
              : InputState::InputDevice::DS_LEFT;

            evState.orientation = mat4GetMatrix3(orientation4);
          controllerRay = { convFloat3(pose->Head->Position), convFloat3(pose->Head->ForwardDirection) };


Best Answer


  • I gave this another try last night. The API is definitely failing until I pause the app and let it stay paused for ... 5 seconds and then resume. This feels like a bug? Is there any info from MS or DirectX people as to a better workaround or should I just wait for another bugfix update?

  • mlfarrellmlfarrell
    Accepted Answer

    Fixed on latest insider build

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