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Unity Far Plane Clipping Way too Short

Acer headset. Windows build 16275.rs3_release.170822-1423. Unity 2017 2.0b9.

After Windows updated, Unity has error in Player:

Failed to get rendering parameters for main camera - view transforms may get out of sync! Error code: '0x8000000e'

The far clipping plane is a few meters away meaning the scene only renders a few meters and then clips out. Adjusting it larger than 1000 does not affect it.

All worked well on Unity 2.0b5 prior to Windows update. Once Windows updated, Unity 2.0b5 started flickering violently in the Player making it unusable. Verified on 2 systems with 2 seperate headsets - same versions of software and operating systems, Upgraded Unity to 2.0b8 which introduced the clipping issue. Upgraded to 2.0b9 and the issue still exists. Is anyone else experiencing this? I find it odd that it is present on both my systems and both headsets.

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