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Can't Detect Manipulation Completed/Canceled

I'm having an issue with IManipulationHandler that hope you guys can help me with.

I was trying to solve the problem of losing track when the user's not gazing exactly on the trigger collider while applying manipulation gestures.

So I created a boolean called isManipulating which will be set to true in OnManipulationStarted(), and will be set back to false in OnManipulationCompleted() / OnManipulationCanceled(). And in OnManipulationUpdated(), it keeps updating the ManipulationEventData and stores them into some global variables which will be used in Update() when isManipulating==true

Everything in OnManipulationStarted() and OnManipulationUpdated() works fine. However, nothing in OnManipulationCompleted() / OnManipulationCanceled() runs, either when the gesture is completed or hand is out of view. Not even a single Debug.Log() and no callback.

Any thoughts? Or if you have any other suggestions to solve the problem I was about to solve, I'd be really appreciated. Thanks!

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