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only one shader can be use in HololensUWP. so why ?

edited September 2017 in Questions And Answers

Star with HolographicAppForOpenGLES1.sln for Debug mode please!

//glUseProgram(mProgram);   //----->>>> //enable this line cause bug


//just use this line, cause that "SimpleRenderer"'s drawing is invisiable

//normaly, we should see two Cube(near and far) (two shader)
//all is right in UWP, but only one shader can be use in HololensUWP. so why ?

we have try to findout why so mush times, use this simplest sample :-{



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    Hi Tina,

    Can you explain in more detail what the problem is? I can't tell from your brief description.


    James Ashley
    VS 2017 v5.3.3, Unity 2017.3.0f3, MRTK 2017.1.2, W10 17063
    Microsoft MVP, Freelance HoloLens/MR Developer

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    edited September 2017

    1、We can see a rotate cube in office samples for ms-holographic-experimental
    2、I copy the class SimpleRenderer to another SimpleRenderer_Test
    3、then the samples have two shader to render now . one near and one far(I modify the position of glClear to make thing right)
    4、I see every thing is right in UWP, but only last draw cube is visible in HololensUWP
    5、We try find out answer by use the office samples with the smallest modify.
    6、why just one shader that are lastest drawn can be visible?
    Do ms-holographic-experimental support two more shader?

    thanks for hearing you answer : )

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    What did you change in SimpleRenderer when you made SimpleRenderer_Test? Can you share the file?

    When you says the samples have 2 shaders to render now... are there 2 objects in the scene each with a different shader or are you trying to force 2 shaders on 1 object somehow?

    What do you mean you modified the position of glClear? Can you share the code?


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    edited September 2017

    I have tested it again on VS2015. And still has no words on the simplest error := [

    I am wrong or angle(ms-holographic-experimental)?
    Who can light me up?

    Download this full environment project that next to this message box area, please ! Size is 1.8MB. Angle path is allright there.

    I Just copy SimpleRenderer.cpp|.h to SimpleRenderer_Test.cpp|.h
    And make true that Clear Screen(glClear ...) had been moven to right position. one time after one frame. Draw two cube now.

    Shader string is the same . But can be modified to be different then bring the same result whatever. Different shader handle. Different Buffer and data.

    New cube is far more(+3 distance).

    I use "mDebug" switch to find out that just second call “glUseProgram(mProgram)” cause this bug. Not need to perform all draw of second cube even. But UWP App Is working fine on Desktop.

    Offical cube draw and new cube draw's order can be switched. The second cube will be vanished always and no reason.

    Thanks for any suggestion. Each one can be my hoping to continue :smile:

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