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Keep motion controllers from going to sleep?

edited September 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

This is driving me insane. One of my MR controllers arrived broken, so I have to rub the batteries every time I want it to turn on. During dev this is costing me minutes for each run of the app. How do I keep these blasted things from turning off after only 1 minute of inactivity??


  • Would love to know that too! So far cant find anything on settings or the API

  • Please add this setting! Totally bows the development cycle to have to power them back on every few minutes!

  • Jimbohalo10Jimbohalo10 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017

    Hi @mlfarrell @Stensquared @Bentamma

    The alternative is to use a background task to "keep alive" the controller by sending a "feedback request" see this snippet from the Windows Universal Sample SpatialInteractionSource/cpp/SpatialControllerHandler.cpp line 115 to 120

               TimeSpan buzzDuration;
               buzzDuration.Duration = 1000000; // 1 == 100-nanosecond, therefore 0.1 second here...
               m_hapticsController->SendHapticFeedbackForDuration(m_hapticsBuzzFeedback, 1.0, buzzDuration);

    You would create another separate background task that fires every minute and cause the controller to "rumble" with feedback.
    This way you know the Controller is still "turned on", annoying but effective.

    Obviously you stop/pause the background app, close the channel m_hapticsController or your program cannot access the controller.

    For those reading the sample was originally called "HolographicPaint" for Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Headsets.

    This is Paint brush with 3D depth effects, a very simple version of the "Tilt Brush (TM)" Google"

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