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How to gather spatial mapping data in the limited area?

Good morning to all developers!

I have one idea for using the HoloLens on the construction sites . Based on the fact where the HoloLens is going to be using, ...

... sometimes we don't really need to scan all environment around us because, for example, we want only to work in the area which measures 15x15 metres. One way to get around this is to set those limits by the HoloToolkit Linear in the very beginning when that application will start. And I want my HoloLens to scan the environment only in that place to avoid the distracting amount of meshes which is located out of that limited area around me which I'm not really going to use.

Have you some thoughts about this idea? Does it really seems to be useful? I think, that it's possible to find better decision with feedback which this HoloLens Forum provides. I'm really open for you to answer and discuss.

Thanks a lot,

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