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Using xbox gamepad to simulate motion controller

I am still waiting for the controller to arrive, so in the meantime I had to use the gamepad to test out the API.
(I explicitly clicked the "Left Controller' on the Simulation left pane of the MR Portal to simulate the motion controller using gamepad)

A few questions:

  • In recent build, the gamepad no longer can simulate the touching/pressing/moving the controller's touchpad and thumbstick. You have to use the mouse on the touchpad/thumbstick image on the left pane of MRPortal. This is doable but very inconvenient as you can't see the mouse when your headset is on. In the past we can use the gamepad left/right thumbstick to do this. Now this functions do nothing. (You can still use the left bumper + left/right thumbstick to control the rotation of the controller). Wonder why this is taken out. Is there other way to do this using the gamepad ?
  • How do you trigger the 'grip' button using the gamepad ?
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