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Hololens can't connect to wifi at all, after reset crashes in setup

Hey folks. Hololens Twitter sent me here. It seems my device is having hardware problems.

Today after a week or so developing strictly in-emulator I turned the hololens on to find it wasn't autoconnected to our wifi. The wifi settings page came up as an empty grey box and after repeated reboots nothing I tried could get actual wifi networks, or any settings at all, to appear. I next tried a factory reset from the settings. The device takes me through the calibration and gesture training, then asks me to choose my region. After I choose my region cortana says a line about signing into an account, the UI starts loading a new menu, and then returns to region select. After that, choosing a region just loads the region select menu again. Restarting the device just means it crashes BEFORE region select - it is permanently stuck at the end of the gesture tutorial. My assumption is the device needs to use the WiFi card to start the next step and because that isn't working it's crashing the application.

I tried doing a complete software reinstall using the windows device recovery tool, but nothing changed. After calling Microsoft support and getting someone who had never heard of the Hololens before, I went online and opened a Microsoft Support request. In case anyone with influence reads this, the number is 117090516288370. My team is in the midst of a critically important product iteration and we need a working developer device to test. Does anyone have advice on 1) anything I could try that might fix this 2) what to do if we need to RMA the device. What's the fastest way to get another working Hololens developer unit?

If anyone reading this is in the Northeast region and has a HoloLens they could lend/lease to my team for a week or two, please reply and we can figure something out.



  • Having heard back from Microsoft, this is a hardware problem with the device and we'll have to replace it at full cost to ourselves.

    Be warned that if you encounter similar problems with your developer unit, do not attempt to reset it. Once you do, if your wifi card is indeed broken you will have no way to even use the device offline and the developer edition is not covered by any kind of warranty or repair/refurbishment plan.

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