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No sound from videos.

edited September 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

I can run the Mixed Reality Portal just fine. The sound effects work just fine. I can switch the sound output to the laptop or the headset with headphones and both work. However, when I play regular videos / 360 videos using the "Movies & TV" app, I can see the video but no sound at all.

Anyone else having issues with sound?

Note: If I try Pixvana 360 Video Player, the app itself loads up but when I try to play video I get a black screen.


  • HP Immersive Headset
  • Laptop: Razer Blade (i7-6700HQ | GTX 1060)
  • Windows 10 | Version: 1703 | OS Build: 15063.540

Best Answer


  • I have the same issue; I have the creators update and cannot hear any audio from applications within the Mixed Reality Portal. My Windows is version 1709 (OS Build 16299.64).

    I have tried: microsoft edge (youtube), movies application, and VLC.

    Was this ever resolved?

  • SGwinSGwin
    edited November 2017

    I am having the same issue as @meowmeyer. I connected my new VR headset yesterday with the same version of the OS (1709 - 16299.64). I have audio in 3D videos but nothing with 2D videos (tried Netflix, Plex and Windows Store trailers).

    I did find a work around. You can open the Desktop app and then open your video app of choice. I was able to play Plex with sound. It seems to be just an issue with the 2D videos inside the Mixed Reality Portal. 3D videos work for me.

  • Exact same issue for me. I am using the Samsung HMD. No sound in 2D videos. Same issue playing music with Groove. However, if I let the Groove music run in the background I can hear the music if e.g. I open a 3D video. Would be great to find a solution to this issue.

  • Did one windows update yesterday (KB4048955) and it seems that the sound is now fixed! However, I do not see any specific reference to the audio issue within the update notes.

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