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Sharing and custom messages not working

edited September 2017 in Questions And Answers

I'm attempting to highlight a model and then send message to other Hololens to show that highlight also. The highlight works on my device but does not turn to highlighted on the other devices.

Any idea where I'm going wrong?

private void HightlightCamShaft()


public void SendHightlightCamShaft()
// If we are connected to a session, broadcast our head info
if (this.serverConnection != null && this.serverConnection.IsConnected())
// Create an outgoing network message to contain all the info we want to send
NetworkOutMessage msg = CreateMessage((byte)TestMessageID.HightlightCamShaft);

        // Send the message as a broadcast, which will cause the server to forward it to all other users in the session.

public void HighlightCamShaft()
Color32 col = pCylinder13.gameObject.GetComponent().material.GetColor("_Color");
col.r = 229;
col.g = 253;
col.b = 0;
col.a = 100;

    pCylinder13.gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.SetColor("_Color", col);
    pCylinder14.gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.SetColor("_Color", col);
    pCylinder17.gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.SetColor("_Color", col);
    pCylinder19.gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.SetColor("_Color", col);
    pCylinder20.gameObject.GetComponent<Renderer>().material.SetColor("_Color", col);

Sorry but code '' are not working on this post.

Best Answer


  • Thanks for your help. I was missing this line like you sugested. CustomMessages.Instance.MessageHandlers[CustomMessages.TestMessageID.HightlightCamShaft] = this.OnHightlightCamShaft;

    Thanks a bunch!

  • @JD_Holo_Dev Hey,
    Can you tell me how you got the sharing working?

    I've been using the Hologram250 tutorial on Unity version 2017.2.0b11 so far.
    However it runs really unstable
    (the 2nd hololens always finds the first but only sometimes finds and displays the shared holograms)

    Which Hologram tutorial and Unity version did you use and most important: Does it run stable ?

    Thanks in advance

    CEO UniVRsitas

  • So i started with the GitHub 240 project. I changed out the energy hub with my own model. I tried from scratch and failed. Im only sharing one model for my project. I was just missing that one line to get changes to the model to show up. Noted above.

    I also had visual studio solution problems that i couldn't resolve until i upgraded from 5.6.1f to 2017.2.0b11

    my problem now is I stay on the light purple dot it hangs there never loads the models when im in different parts of my building.

    Works fine under my hotspot in my office.

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