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Xbox 360 Controller / Controller Input - Acer Mixed Reality Headset / Immersive Headset

Hello Developers,

recently i received the acer mixed reality Headset.
I managed it quite fast to get it running. Now i headed on to develop an UWP-App with Unity.
Just for learning purpose i want to build a room like in the mixed reality portal.
I already got my "House" and so on and the headset also works in editor mode as in Visual Studio 2017 aswell. The only problem i am facing is that my 360 Controller or even the Keyboard is not working. And sadly i have no clue how do get it working.
The master file "Holokit" seems only include scripts for the Hololens and not the mixed reality / immersive headset or did i miss something?

Does anyone got an idea how to enable the Xbox 360 Controller in his own Project?
And maybe also got the same teleport options like in the mixed reality portal?

Thanks in advance
Greetings Bendrix

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  • Accepted Answer

    @Bendrix - You will need to grab the Dev_Unity_2017.2 branch of the Mixed Reality Tool Kit. The Master branch is not set up for the new headsets yet


  • Hey Bendrix!

    I use the XBOX Controller and HoloLens with this free asset from the asset store: https://assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/70068
    Maybe it helps. :smile:

  • Hey jschnettker,
    thanks for the fast replay!

    Sadly i am not working with the HoloLens. I need it for the Microsoft Acer Mixed Reality Headset.

  • Accepted Answer

    @Bendrix - You will need to grab the Dev_Unity_2017.2 branch of the Mixed Reality Tool Kit. The Master branch is not set up for the new headsets yet

  • @Jesse_McCulloch Is there a lot required to implement the Xbox controller capability off of the Master branch from scratch? I tried implementing my own GameInput.cs derived from the BaseInputSource off of the master branch, but I wasn't able to get it to detect any button clicks from the Xbox controller on my Acer headset. I'm wondering if there is more plumbing that is required besides implementing from BaseInputSource.

    The reason why I want this is because I also work with a HoloLens, and I started my project months ago using the master branch instead of the Dev_Unity_2017.2 branch. I tried moving my project to the Dev_Unity_2017.2 branch, but then I came across numerous compilation issues due to differences in how the two HoloToolkit branches behave with event handling and dependencies. So instead of dealing with the differences in the branches, I was wondering how to just implement the GameInput and necessary components to get the Xbox controller working off of master.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated,

  • Hi Tam,

    The current implementation of it is pretty integrated in things that are in the dev branch and don't exist in the Main branch.

    There was a pull request merged into Main 5 days ago that added better Xbox controller support, https://github.com/Microsoft/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity/pull/994

    You might want to pull the latest version of Main code and check out the Assets/HoloToolkit-Examples/GamePad/Scenes/XboxControllerExample.unity scene

  • Thanks @Jesse_McCulloch. It has been a week since I last pulled from master, so I didn't see that update. This is great, and I will check it out.

  • BendrixBendrix
    edited September 2017

    You are awesome! Thanks a lot!
    It took me some time but finaly i got it working with your help.
    I did not noticed that there are 2 different version of the HoloToolkit.
    So now i am able to turn around my viewing ankle by 45 degrees and i can teleport to change my position.


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